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David Odde and Carl Flink

How do cells crawl?

Understanding the migration of cells through the movements of humans
Thursday 30 April 2015   |   Atta Galatta


Urvakhsh Mehta

Knowing me is knowing you – mirror neurons, social cognition and schizophrenia

What you see is sometimes what you feel
Thursday 29 August 2013   |   Urban Solace


Peter Makovichy

Dinosaurs from the End of the Earth – Antarctica’s hidden prehistory

New Discoveries in the Ice
Thursday 20 June 2013   |   Koshys Chill Out


Madhusudan Katti

Cities and biodiversity: deciphering global patterns

What lives in the world's cities apart from our species?
Saturday 27 April 2013   |   Urban Solace


Shanthi Pappu, with Kumar Akhilesh

Dinner by the river a million years ago

A look into our past, and how humans lived in Tamil Nadu 1.5 million years ago
Thursday 28 March 2013   |   JAYAMAHAL PALACE HOTEL


Shyamala Mani

Our brains, our selves

How our brain functions determines who we are
Thursday 28 February 2013   |   Urban Solace


J Srinivasan

Boiling Point

Why should we worry about global warming
Sunday 27 January 2013   |   Koshy's Chill Out


Sanjay Sane

Flight Plan

Lessons from insects
Friday 30 November 2012   |   JAYAMAHAL PALACE


Rom Whitaker

Radio Kings

King Cobras, Science and Snakebites in India
Friday 12 October 2012   |   Opus, Vasant Nagar