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Peter Makovichy

Dinosaurs from the End of the Earth – Antarctica’s hidden prehistory

New Discoveries in the Ice

7:30 PM, Thursday 20 June 2013   |   Koshys Chill Out

During the austral winter of 2010/11 an international team of paleontologists conducted a fossil dig on Mt. Kirkpatrick in the Central Transantarctic Mountains. At 83ºS and over 4000 m this is the highest latitude and altitude dinosaur quarry in the world posing technical challenges not experienced anywhere else in the world. Over five weeks, the team extracted bones of the 25-foot carnivore Cryolophosaurus, and the herbivore Glacialisaurus. Two other dinosaurs new to science, were also discovered. Join expedition member Dr. Peter Makovicky of the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago, USA) to learn about Antarctica’s ancient prehistory and about fossil excavation in the harshest environment on Earth.

Peter Makovichy

Dr. Peter Makovicky is a dinosaur paleontologist at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, where he oversees the fossil archosaur collections that include the largest and most complete T. rex ever collected. He has conducted fieldwork on four continents and described a dozen new dinosaur species. His 60 technical publications cover a wide range of topics including dinosaurian diversity, systematics and biogeography, biomechanics and scaling, and inferring growth rates and demographics for dinosaurs. He also teaches and supervises graduate students through the Committee on Evolutionary Biology at the University of Chicago.